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We want your child to succeed!

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My Spelling Words works. Time, and time, and time again we've seen it perform wonders.  But it does take some effort to start with.  You should give it at least two weeks. While some children take to it instantly, others will have to be encouraged to use it.  Don't worry, they'll usually warm to it within a week or two.

Don't be put off by the program's apparent simplicity.  It's simple interface hides advanced techniques that will improve your child's spelling.  If you can say "no playing until you've done your spelling words", for just two weeks, then you will likely see a tremendous improvement in your child's spelling.  But you have to give it a reasonable chance for success.  Please stick with it for four days a week for at least two weeks.

Best wishes for your child's academic success.


Scott Chaney
PC-Magic Software