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    I registered a few days ago but haven't got my registration key yet?

    Please give it 6 hours. If you still haven't got it, then check the junk mail folder of your email account. For some customers our messages have been flagged as being junk mail. If that's not the case then most likely you entered your email address incorrectly when you registered (this is almost always the case). In any case, if you can't find our email then please click here to request we send it to you again.

    I'm using the XP version and it's asking me to pay again.

    Use the 16 digit registration key emailed to you or printed on your receipt to unlock the registration.

    I can't record my own words

    Use Windows Run to run C:\WINDOWS\system32\sndvol32.exe -r and make sure the microphone "Select" button is checked and the volume is up.

    I'm using Win98/ME and getting "Cannot find vbrun300.dll" message.

    Use Explorer to copy vbrun300.dll from the CD over to the Windows folder on your hard drive.

    I'm using XP and getting an "Err 5 Access Denied" message.

    Some other program has messed up your VB6 runtime files. Try running

    I'm using the Win98/ME version and I'm getting an MCI.VBX error.

    Get and put it in your \Windows\System folder

    I'm using an older version and the sound files don't work on my XP computer.

    Use the disk marked "My Spelling Words XP" that we sent you. If you ordered years ago and didn't get an XP disk then use the latest version.

    Is there a Mac version of MSW?

    Not yet. We will develop one if sales of the PC version indicate the market is large enough to offset development costs.

    If your question isn't answered here or in My Spelling Word's "Help" then please -click here-.